Bigfoot Recordings Volumes One & Two & Voices in the Wilderness (Second Edition) eBook – Digital Download

This is a special package which contains:

  • Voices in the Wilderness eBook w/sound tracks
  • The Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 1
  • The Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 2

Please note: This eBook is an interactive PDF with embedded soundtracks. The PDF version soundtracks work well when viewed on computer, but embedded audio is not supported on all mobile devices yet. We have included a second download with this eBook which are the 24 individual soundtracks which you can play, in the event your mobile device does not support interactive PDF audio.

A riveting book about Bigfoot encounters in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas in California.

Bigfoot Sounds Volume 1: The voices and whistles are powerful and carried well in the crisp, windless night air.  Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, narrates.

Bigfoot Sounds Volume 2: Contained in this digital download are rhythmic rapping-pounding sounds, whooping sounds and almost understandable phrases emanating from these creatures.

Technical Notes: This product is delivered via digital download in zip file format. You will need to extract all the files from the zip file and then copy the extracted files into what ever device or software that you are going to use to play them.

Also included is a PDF version of the original booklet that was included with the original CD. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file