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Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself what other experts, researchers and customers are saying about Ron Morehead, Ron’s recordings of bigfoot sounds and Ron’s book, Voices In The Wilderness.

Last weekend, we had the honor and privilege of having Ron Morehead attend, and speak at our September 2014 expedition in the Olympic Mountains. This was huge for me, as I have followed his efforts and work in this field for many years. In my opinion, he is one of the best researchers the Bigfoot field has ever had. His presentation was fantastic, and his insights and thoughts were mesmerizing. Ron is a true pioneer in Bigfoot research. He is the personification of effective, purposeful research. The work he’s done with Al Berry and Scott Nelson have raised the bar very high, and his continued efforts are placing Sasquatch research in a much more scientific light. His presentation will indeed make you think of the possibilities, and the origins of the Sasquatch species. On behalf of the entire Olympic Project, we’d like to thank Ron for his time, his wisdom, and his willingness to share it with us.
Derek Randles The Olympic Project

It’s amazing all that you have gone though getting experts’ to analyze those voice recordings. They are so sensational! I’ve listened to the CD at least forty or more times. And I play it for anyone who will sit still long enough to hear it. To me, it is as convincing an argument for the existence of the creatures as the Patterson footage is. The CD itself is a masterpiece! The story is great! The music is great! This content is great!
Sue Lindley Hillsboro, OR

The sounds, vocalizations, that include whistling, have been professionally analyzed and it is the belief of the scintists who did the analysis that they are not man-made. Regardless of the findings, which incidentally have never been disproved. I am satisfied and will personally vouch for the integrity of both my associates, Alan Berry and Ron Morehead, in the matter of these recordings. Indeed I look forward to working with them again, in the Bigfoot field, in the future.
Peter Byrne Director – The Bigfoot Research Project

I heartily recommend to serious Forest Giant researchers that they obtain and review The Bigfoot Recordings by Sierra Sounds. While I was not on site when these recordings were made, nor have I personally met any of the persons involved, and while the greater parts of these sound bytes contain vocalizations that are beyond my personal experience. I still can state that this finely produced recording indeed contain segments that I have heard when I am certain I was having an encounter with these elusive people they call Bigfoot. For me or anyone else to dismiss these recorded sounds as being inauthentic because we have not heard them would be unscientific, arrogant, and foolish.
Robert W. Morgan Director – American Yeti Expeditions

These are the best recordings of Sasquatches I have ever heard and I have heard allot. I have heard Sasquatches in Colorado say some of these same lines as they chatter behind my tent. These are the real deal and a must have for any Sasquatch enthusiast. These recordings are way ahead of their time and I relish mine. Thanks for sharing.
Michael Johnson Co-Founder – Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies

I listened to both your interviews on Acceleration Radio with L.A. Marzulli, and I must say I was blown away! I have to admit, I tuned into the first program with a bit of skepticism, but after listening to the interviews and the recordings of these “beings” communicating, I no longer have doubts. I’m amazed at the range of vocals, sounds and pitch these Bigfoot made. You can clearly hear a mixture of animal-like sounds interspersed with what can only be described as a humanoid language. In the two-way conversation between the “female” and the “male”, I got the impression of an argument of sorts. I immediately had the thought that “she” was stressed/nervous about their interaction with those in your camp, and “he” seemed to be telling her that he knew what he was doing and wanted to continue to try and communicate! Crazy, I know…but that’s exactly how it sounded to me. I can’t wait to get the book and read the full story!