Yup, Flesh & Blood

Monday, March 26, 2018

Yup, Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a flesh and blood being…anything leaving foot impressions, making complex vocalizations, being seen on rare occasions, and, at first scaring the crap out of us six hunters, surely exists in the flesh. Many think these beings are no more than a relic hominid…less than human.  Others think they are extra-terrestrial…more than human with special abilities. And some believe they could be a mix of both…a hybrid.

In 1971, I had no idea these recordings would spur such complexities of thoughts in myself and others.  My question to bigfooters has been, and still is, “could there be anything extraordinary about them?” As I’ve mentioned many times, several unusual events happened to us at the Sierra camp. As humans, is there anything extraordinary about us, waiting for us to discover? Have we reached our full potential? Are we special or not? Does our existence have anything else to offer? …what’s it all about anyway?

If we are to believe that our loved ones, went to heaven or hell, or perhaps needed to embody again to balance negative issues; if we ask our deceased elders to bless us upon entering their former spiritual habitat, or even if we pray over a plate at dinner, we must believe there is more to existence than meets the eye.

Those that still research, thinking that everything existing is physical or material are restricting their outcome by eliminating the basic elements of quantum physics, which is, as physicists say, how ALL things work throughout the universe.

No one is an expert in Bigfootology.  Some have been researching longer than others and might think they know more.  However, what we ‘think’ we know and what we actually do know could be two different things.

When acclimatizing to any new paradigm, it takes time, effort and a willingness to explore the new, as well as shed the old.

Ron Morehead

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