What NOT to Bring When Bigfooting

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Quantum Bigfoot Book by Ron Morehead

In the 14th chapter of Ron Morehead’s The Quantum Bigfoot, Ron provides a theory that connects ego and the likeliness of a bigfoot encounter.

There is a lot of advice on what to bring to have a successful bigfoot encounter. Some advice is having the right camera, right snacks, even someone of the right gender. Maybe it is more important what you don’t bring. In the case of Ron’s chapter titled Two Minds, you may want to leave your ego behind.

Modern social definitions of ego are usually associated with arrogance, there is also the Freudian definition that moderates between your base desires and your idealistic desires, but The Quantum Bigfoot uses ego within a broader definition. In a spiritual sense, your ego manifests expectations and scenarios that may never pan out. It prevents you from being in the moment because you are producing expectations in the future. Having a strong desire to have a Bigfoot encounter could be ego-driven.

A continuing theme in The Quantum Bigfoot is the spiritual aspect of Bigfoot. Dissolving the ego is a virtue taught in many belief systems and the reward is to have less attachment to worrisome things and being present in the now.

As with other chapters, there is a science aspect to the ability of the brain and its physical connection to the heart. Ron cites two studies; one about neuroplasticity and another about the electromagnetic properties of the heart.

Are Sasquatch encounters about bringing more items or leaving something behind? Find out in Ron Morehead’s The Quantum Bigfoot. The Quantum Bigfoot is available in print or get it instantly as an e-book through digital download.

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