Prologue – Voices in the Wilderness

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wave-InteractionA few thousand years ago people thought that a solar eclipse suggested that God must have put his hand over the sun. It wasn’t until the 1500’s when it was determined the earth was actually round and moved around the sun, and then folks became a little smarter. Can humans get smarter now? Can we discover something maybe more profound, something that challenges even the brightest of minds? With evidence licking its chops in the face of classical scientists, will they (can they) acknowledge another unique primate, one that might be beyond their disciplinary realm? An enigmatic primate referred to as Bigfoot.

How do we explain the hundreds of reports that associate Bigfoot with paranormal activity? There is a common denominator and it’s not necessarily supernatural…just not completely understood. It takes us beyond classical science and moves us into another science that is usually kept in the closet. Accepted worldwide, Quantum Physics hasn’t been considered by many to have anything to do with the Bigfoot phenomenon. Why not? How far down this ‘Rabbit Hole’ can we go?

With pictures, data, and creature vocalizations, Ron Morehead takes you on a journey through his 40-year chronicle that will drop you down that Rabbit Hole; examining the nature of these mysterious creatures. Your journey begins at a remote hunting camp in the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where a family of Bigfoots raucously began to harass Ron and his hunting buddies.

Thinking of Bigfoot as a unique backwoods undiscovered ape is an understatement. Ron thought then, but has verified now, that they are self-aware, have language, and are probably much, much more. After sharing his personal experiences he provides you with the evidence that might drop a jaw or two. Yes, in a unique way, he also gives his personal opinion about what they are; suggesting why they are here, and what their purpose could be. Maybe he’s having his own eclipse of the mind, but his story has held up, having been time-tested by science and is very compelling. But, you can decide.

In this book Ron provides a hypothesis that can allow you to connect the dots and get a picture of what Bigfoot could actually be…a picture that might cause you to ‘pause’ and possibly have a very ‘guarded’ approach when coming in contact with these giants who stealthily linger in the shadows.

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