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Pineal Gland: The “Eye” That Can See Bigfoot

Friday, June 1, 2018

Ron_Morehead_quantum_bigfoot_Pineal Gland The Eye That Can See Bigfoot


Throughout the first 124 pages of Ron Morehead’s “The Quantum Bigfoot,” there are figurative signposts building anticipation to the 11th chapter, The Pineal Gland. The first example is in the second chapter, Biblical Perspective, after a reference to Lamech’s sixth sense a signpost reads “More about this attribute in Chapter 11, The Pineal Gland.” In the third chapter, Reported Attributes, after mentioning how telepathy can be cultivated another signpost reads “After reading chapter 11, The Pineal Gland, you might agree”.  In Chapter 5, Ancient Texts and & Physics, a reference to intuition promises, “a more thorough scientific article on the Pineal gland in chapter 11.”

These references are not by accident. In chapter 11, you will be surprised to learn that the pineal gland could be the source for the spiritual third eye. You may also be surprised that it is also a literal third eye that evolved inside your brain.


In spirituality from Abrahamic faiths to East Asian philosophies, there is the concept of the third eye. It is a spiritual eye that can see what your waking eyes cannot. Across all cultures, this reference to a third eye gives spiritual beings access to seeing inward, across dimensions, and higher consciousness. What if the inner eye was considered more than a myth? What if the inner eye was a real biological organ?


The cells that make up your eyes have a very specific structure and function that is sensitive to light. At some point in our evolution, our third eye atrophied and evolved inward to become a part of a pinecone shaped organ deep inside the brain. It is called the pineal gland and structurally it has many of the same properties as your eye. It is also responsible for releasing chemicals that regulate sleep.


After an in-depth introduction to the properties of the pineal gland and ancient text, Ron Morehead makes some ground-breaking associations to Bigfoot encounters.

The Quantum Bigfoot is available in print or get it instantly as an e-book through digital download.  While each chapter stands on its own, Chapter 11 is an amazing payoff for the first ten chapters. We are only halfway through the book and there is even more to look forward to.  Click this link to buy The Quantum Bigfoot.

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