Evidence of a Giant Human Hybrid

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Sierra Recordings Analyses

Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Wyoming, after a year-long study wrote that there was no evidence in the Sierra recordings of being manipulated in any way, e.g., speeded up, slowed down, no 60-cycle hum…no deception were in those cassette tapes.  The frequencies go beyond what the average human can do and represented a being over 8’ tall. “Manlike Monsters on Trial, UCB Press 1980.” 

Scott Nelson, Navy Crypto-Linguist, is a two-time graduate of the Defense Language Institute of foreign Language Center in Monterey, CA. https://www.dliflc.edu/. His career in the Navy was to collect and intercept foreign messages and determine whether or not the message was a language or a code and, if it was a language, to determine if there was any deception in that language.  After a long study, he found no deception in the Sierra Recordings. He also determined that the Sierra giants which we recorded have a complex language.  He also states that the vocalizations could not be duplicated by the human vocal mechanism. 

Dr. Philip Lieberman, PhD. Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Dept. of Anthropology.  The focus of his research was the evolution of the biological bases of human language and cognition. This includes both the specialized anatomy necessary to produce articulate speech and the neural circuits which confer the reiterative ability that enables humans to produce a potentially infinite number of words and sentences from a finite number of elements. Dr. Lieberman stated that only humans have the vocal mechanism for cognitive speech.

No other animal on this planet is supposed to have that capability. 

These statements above are from professional people, who do not make random statements—their reputation is on the line, and it should be enough evidence to draw their academic colleagues’ attention.  To me, it is proof that these giant beings, who we call Bigfoot or Sasquatch, have a human component.  From my personal experience around these entities, they appear to be more evolved than we are.  Humans have much further to go.

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