Bigfoot Unveiled

Monday, March 11, 2024

“Science changes one funeral at a time.” Dr. Planck, Nobel prize, 1918

“As a citizen scientist with over fifty years of research into the enigmas associated with the unique giants we call Bigfoot, Ron Morehead continues to bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical. Some call him a legend, and some say he’s lost in the weeds. But one thing is certain: Ron is “out of the box” of restricted classical science—realistically explaining his views using modern science coupled with his many years of experience. Ron has recorded interactive events with these beings, and the data has been scientifically studied. With his decades of explorations, he’s considered one of the “greybacks” of Bigfoot research. Ron has now stepped out again, providing more answers to the many questions still hanging in the ether of our perceived reality.

This book was written to give reasonable explanations, backed with scientific and historical data, to the lingering questions about these entities. Living among us now, these stealthy giants have been witnessed by thousands of people worldwide. Could these creatures be a unique relic hominid who have evolved over eons? Perhaps they are a product of DNA manipulation by higher vibrational beings from the cosmos? Whatever they are, many seem to be different from others, having different attributes. After reading this book, you’ll see why Ron is certain that some of them must have a human component, like language . . . and what that could mean to Homo sapiens sapiens.

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Categories: Bigfoot, Quantum Physics

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