Author/Adventurist Ron Morehead, producer of the Sierra Sounds, has been known for decades for his world-wide research into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. To date, he comes closer than any other researcher to having a complete body of evidence. The Sierra Sounds are the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine. Ron has documented his personal interactions with these giant beings and produced his story on a CD and also in a book, “Voices in the Wilderness.”
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Bigfoot is a Tuning Fork

Friday, May 25, 2018

Ron_Morehead_quantum_bigfoot_Bigfoot is a Tuning Fork


In the tenth chapter of Ron Morehead’s Quantum Bigfoot, we get new information and details about Ron Morehead’s 2011 encounter. These new details were not shared in his previous book, Voices in the Wilderness, and upon reflection, they reminded him of the relaxed state of mind he felt during that evening’s encounter.


It is extremely appropriate that this is the tenth chapter. 10 is the same number for countdowns before a rocket blasts off. This chapter really feels like a jumping off point laying the groundwork for the following chapters. Wait until next week when we share some details about the pineal gland.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In previous chapters, Ron takes care to talk about frequencies, in this chapter he specifically identifies the frequencies of the mind and earth. Is there a sweet spot between the Theta waves and the Alpha waves the human brain produces? How closely does this match Earth’s own “heartbeat”? And finally, how does Bigfoot fit in?

Click this link to buy The Quantum Bigfoot. Chapter 10 lays the groundwork for even more exciting insights to Bigfoot not found in any other book. There might even be some clues in chapter 10 about what attracts Bigfoot to sleeping camps.

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