Bigfoot Evolution and Creation Hypothesis

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hypothesis 3

History tells us that the troglodytes (caveman) evolved perhaps 66 million years ago.  But I believe it wasn’t until a higher inter-dimensional power, of whom I refer to as God, entered into the evolved man and gave “him” cognizance. With this, “man”, a spiritual hybrid, was created…part troglodyte and part God.  A sentient, perfect man…a man made in His image, as a creator, to associate with Him… as a child would with his father (Gen 6:26).

Biblical history has this account of God making man in His image.  The scriptures also give accounts of celestial entities (fallen angels, aliens) being jealous and setting a goal to infect the genome of God’s design,  which ‘their’ creator placed on earth to be dominate over everything here…eventually giving reign over many other issues in His universe (Ps 8: 4-6 and 1 Peter 2:9). However, these freewill aliens, which infected the newly made man by sexually interacting with his counterpart (woman), created another hybrid…the Nephilim, a cognizant giant, capable of destroying man.  Greek mythology also entertains that celestial beings interfered with a variety of animal genomes, creating unusual creatures. Zeus was famous for his many affairs, Hades was known for mining minerals from the earth, and Poseidon created a variety of unusual animals.

If you can believe this much, I invite you to continue to ponder my theory on what a Bigfoot could be.

If aliens messed with the genomes of animals in the past, could they have done it again in the post-flood days?  What would stop them?  Our self-awareness and cognizance was placed in us by a supreme power, it did not evolve.  I believe celestial beings placed sentience into a type of great ape for perhaps a future sinister reason.  Over the years this creature has cross-bred with natives. The result….a stealthy hybrid roaming the earth…that which we call Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  Could it be?

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