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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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We can learn the names of individual giants mentioned in the bible by referencing the known tribe of Giants. This series that will introduce us to each of the 22 individually named giants referenced in the Bible.  According to the bible these giants once walked the earth and interacted with humans.  Are they still around? Do they still interact with humans? Do we know them today as Sasquatch and Bigfoot. Meet Ogias – Og’s father, below.

Before the biblical deluge, a Giant named Ogias fought a Great Dragon. The Giants Gilgamish and Enkidu helped Ogias slay the Monster Leviathan Dragon.

The Jewish version of the story tells us that Ogias swore to serve Noah and his descendants for all time. Noah agrees to allow him to join him on the ark. A place was prepared for Ogias near a lattice door of the ark (1). Every day, through this lattice door Ogias received his food The Giant Ogias survived Noah’s flood. He lived for 5,000 years.

According to Mohammedan tradition, Ogias was a son of Noah’s sister and survived his uncle Noah fifteen hundred years. Later he was killed by Moses (2).

The story of Ogias’ death is told. Ogias saw the camp of the Israelites, six parasangs (24 miles) in circumference. He feared that his fate would be a repetition of the fate of his brother Sihon. Therefore, he planned to kill them all at once.

He broke off a mountain and lifted it above his head to throw it upon the Israelites. But God sent a worm which bored a hole into the mountain. It fractured and fell upon his neck. His teeth become imbedded in it. Moses then took a mace and he beat the ankles of Ogias until he died (3). The Arabic historians relate similar stories.

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