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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Ron Morehead, well known for the Sierra Sounds, believes there is no reason to convince anyone of the existence of these creatures. Having experienced beings with big feet and big voices for over 40 years, he personally knows they exist. The family of creatures he and others in his group encountered stealthily roam the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. He has personally interacted with them, and recorded their vocalizations.

Years ago, through a year-long study at the University of Wyoming, it was established that the vocalizations which were recorded were not manufactured by an alternative source, i.e., speakers, amplifiers, or man. Most of the vocalizations are outside the human range. In 2008, it was established, through a Crypto-Linguistic study, that the sounds have a complex language structure and, anything with a language ‘must’ exist.

The goal of Sierra Sounds has been to pursue data which will help connect the dots and give a picture of exactly what these creatures might be.

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