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Voices In The Wilderness (2nd Edition) eBook – PDF Version

Bigfoot Sounds

Bigfoot Sounds

Bigfoot Sounds
Vol.1 & Vol.2

Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 1 Digital Download
Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 2 Digital Download
Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 1 Digital DownloadBigfoot Recordings Vol. 2 Digital Download
This eBook is about the experiences of Ron Morehead, a man who witnessed, recorded, and had vocal interactions between himself and a family of giants. Bigfoot Sounds Volume 1: The voices and whistles are powerful and carried well in the crisp, windless night air.  Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, narrates. Bigfoot Sounds Volume 2: Contained in this digital download are rhythmic rapping-pounding sounds, whooping sounds and almost understandable phrases emanating from these creatures. Volume 1 features very clear creature vocalizations captured by Al Berry in 1972. Volume 2  features creature sounds captured by Ron Morehead in 1974 from the same remote location.
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