Dr. Rodney Lynn Kirlin

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dr. Rodney Lynn Kirlin was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming from September 1968 through December 1986. His research included hearing testing using EEG signal and sonar array processing. Learn about Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin’s report on the Sierra Sounds below. Dr. Kirlin’s complete report on the Sierra Sounds was given […]

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The Sierra Sounds at Sasquatch Summit

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Join Speaker Ron Morehead at the Sasquatch Summit and learn about The Sierra Sounds! Although the analysis of the creatures’ sounds and the integrity of the recordings were presented in a symposium at the University of British Columbia in 1978, it wasn’t until March of 2008 that a Crypto-Linguistic team of experts trained by the […]

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Ron Morehead radio Interview on Dreamland

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ron Morehead spends time on the interview expanding on Bigfoot behavior he noticed while recording the Sierra Sounds Bigfoot sounds have been recorded for years, and Ron Moorehead of BigfootSounds.com probably knows more about this than any other researcher in the field. Ron tells us about his research, and we listen to a sample of […]

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10 Extraordinary Questions Answered by Ron Morehead

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, October 29, 2015

A website titled extraordinary intelligence interviewed Ron Morehead with 10 extraordinary questions. We like question number 6. 6. Has there been any type of research or review of the tapes? What were the findings? Yes. In 1978, Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, conducted a year-long study of […]

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Watch Video of Ron Morehead’s recordings played by a campfire

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, October 15, 2015

A website titled Cosmic Polymath uploaded a video of a man describing Ron Morehead’s Bigfoot audio recordings, known as the sierra sounds, and then playing them by a campfire. Contained within the Sierra Sounds collection are interaction vocalizations also known as “Samurai Chatter.” Experts like R. Scott Nelson, a crypto-linguist, have declared the “Samurai Chatter” […]

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Ron Morehead is Quoted by Muskagee Phoenix

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, October 8, 2015

After his appearance at the 2014 Bigfoot Honobia Conference Ron Morehead was interviewed by a local paper and was quoted in an article: “I think we need to open our minds up,” said the self-described author, adventurer and researcher who is renowned for capturing the best Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio recordings, known as the Sierra Sounds. Morehead […]

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Ron Morehead Explains Bigfoot Elusiveness at 2014 Honobia Conference

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ron Morehead is described as the father of the Sierra Sounds at Bigfoot blog Bigfoot Evidence. The website describes the significance of the Sierra Sounds. Morehead’s Sierra Sounds recordings are one of the most important evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch. During the early 1970s, Morehead and his long time friend Al Berry went into […]

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Bigfoot Lunch Club has been covering Ron Morehead since December 2009

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Starting with his appearance with Navy Cryptolinguist Scott Nelson at 2010 Sasquatch Symposium in Eugene, Oregon you can follow Bigfoot Lunch Club’s coverage of Ron Morehead. You can get exclusive videos and photos from Ron’s trip to Russia to the announcement of his new website. Check out Bigfoot Lunch Club’s full coverage at: www.bigfootlunchclub.com/search/label/Ron%20Morehead

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Sasquatch Summit 2015

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Join the 2015 Sasquatch Summit with John Bindernagel, Scott Nelson, Ron Morehead, Olympic Project, Thom Powell, Cliff Barackman and more. Register here for Sasquatch Summit 2015. Sasquatch Summit is an annual event that takes place the weekend of Nov. 21-22 in the Sasquatch capital of the world in the Pacific Northwest. Hosted at the Quinault […]

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Posted by wadmin on Thursday, September 10, 2015

What does Bigfoot have in common with Dark Matter? Well, for one thing they both are extremely hard to spot. Although hard to spot, thousands of people have claimed to experience a Bigfoot sighting all around the world. Even with all the sightings throughout history the existence of Bigfoot is still considered fiction by the most civilizations […]

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