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Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin

Posted by Ron Morehead on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Wyoming Dr. Kirlin’s complete report on the Sierra Sounds was given at a UBC Conference held in Vancouver, BC, in 1978. It was subsequently published in a book, “Manlike Monsters on Trial,” UBC Press. The following are excerpts from that report. Having analyzed a tape-recording […]

About The Science

Posted by Ron Morehead on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, after a yearlong study of the recordings, presented his findings in a symposium at the University of British Columbia. It was his opinion that the formant frequencies found were clearly lower than for human data, and their distribution does not indicate […]